Start Your New Year with Braces or Invisalign

New Year braces or Invisalign Lawrenceville Orthodontists

Love a good New Year’s resolution but can’t decide what’s right for you in 2024? Take a moment to consider the benefits of braces or Invisalign from Lawrenceville Orthodontists. Straightening your smile, getting healthier teeth, and walking through the next 365 days knowing you look better than ever will transform next year and every year that follows.

There Is Time for Orthodontics

Many orthodontic journeys last for about a year. But every patient’s oral health circumstances are different so some people may need to wear braces longer, and others may only require six months. The only way to know where you fall on the timeline is by undergoing a consultation. Your orthodontist will look at your oral health, the position of your teeth, and take your smile goals into consideration.

Anything Can Be Fixed

Are you an adult who had braces as a teen but relapsed because you didn’t wear your retainer? Do you have a few teeth that draw too much attention? Do you suffer from jaw pain? You have an opportunity to get braces or Invisalign and finish what you started or fix what’s always felt not quite right. If your teeth are crooked, gapped, protruding, or overcrowded or you have a problem with your bite there is always a way to correct what’s going on.

Choose an Invisalign Option

Many people are surprised to discover that Invisalign treatment can successfully address multiple types of misalignment. There are different types of Invisalign available – truly, something for everyone.

  • Invisalign Full: This is the Invisalign you know all about. It’s designed to align the top and bottom of your smile simultaneously over 12 to 18 months.
  • Invisalign Lite: Tired of tiny spaces, a few crooked teeth, some minor overcrowding? Invisalign Lite takes about six to nine months to transform your smile.
  • Invisalign Express: Former orthodontic patients whose teeth shifted back into misalignment can get those issues corrected in about three to six months.
  • Invisalign Teen: The version of Invisalign for teens that makes room for any erupting teeth and ensures compliance with every facet of their treatment.

The Right Braces for You

It’s easy to assume that there is only one type of dental braces, but no one is simply “stuck” with conventional metal braces. Thanks to innovations in orthodontics, you can say yes to clear braces or ceramic braces. They’re both created using brackets and wires, but they look more natural and blend nicely into tooth enamel. You’ll feel less self-conscious about having braces and enjoy staying under the radar about having hardware on your teeth.

Get Braces or Invisalign in 2024

Go ahead and make yourself a priority in the New Year. You deserve it. If your teeth make you unhappy because of how they look or feel, transform your smile and your confidence with help from Lawrenceville Orthodontists. Schedule a consultation to learn more and find out what kind of braces are right for you.