Be Thankful for These 6 Awesome Invisalign Features

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There are plenty of reasons to be thankful for Invisalign. Every patient will have their own personal devotion to their treatment, but there are some universal truths that qualify as the most awesome Invisalign features.

1. Clear Trays

Braces you can’t see? Yes, please. Everyone who skipped braces because they were obvious or seemed uncomfortable is ready to sign up for this innovative treatment. Your Lawrenceville orthodontist has changed thousands of lives with this alternative to conventional orthodontics and it’s usually thanks to the discreet nature of the treatment. Clear aligners are magical – they are customized, smooth, and fit snugly against teeth to slowly move them into position.

2. Speedy Timeline

Each Invisalign tray may only move several teeth at a time, but the aligners also move teeth and roots simultaneously. This process expedites the alignment of a patient’s smile so that it changes quickly. Most people wear Invisalign for a year, on average, while those with very minor issues may only sport trays for several months.

3. No Food Restrictions

One of the biggest complaints uttered by wearers of conventional braces is that they cannot eat whatever they want since some foods could damage their hardware. There are no restrictions when it comes to food for Invisalign wearers. Simply pop out the trays, dig into your favorite things, and put the aligners back in so they can get back to work.

4. Easy Cleaning

Fixed braces require a meticulous cleaning effort every day. Food gets caught in the brackets and wires, plaque builds up in difficult-to-reach places – it isn’t easy to get teeth cleaning done every day. With Invisalign, all you need to do is remove the trays to brush and floss your teeth. And, of course, soak the aligners to keep them clean, clear, and nearly invisible.

5. Available for Teenagers

Invisalign Teen is one of the best inventions ever – at least according to the adolescent demographic. Tweens and teens who need orthodontics are thrilled to discover they sometimes have the option to choose between conventional metal braces and clear aligners.

Invisalign Teen works just like Invisalign does for adults, with two special additions. The school-aged group have eruption tabs, if needed, to accommodate incoming permanent teeth. There are also compliance indicators on each tray that show the orthodontist whether Invisalign Teen is being worn as often as it should be.

6. Look Great

Whether you’re a student, a professional, retired, a stay-at-home parent, or otherwise, Invisalign looks great on everyone. The trays don’t interrupt smiles, photos, or anything you have to say. The most prominent teeth are usually addressed early in treatment so changes are visible quickly, a motivating factor that makes patients so thankful for this orthodontic option.

Grateful for Invisalign the Great

If you are ready to straighten your smile and make an incredible change to your appearance, confidence, and oral health, reach out to Lawrenceville Orthodontists and schedule a consultation to learn more about Invisalign features and why this treatment could be right for you.