Proof That Braces Can Make You Happy

Everyone knows someone who wears braces, whether they go to school together, work together, or are neighbors. Braces, in short, are everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to accept if you’re the one in the hot seat. If you need to get metal braces or Invisalign on your teeth, it’s helpful to know that this experience isn’t all about discomfort and frustration. Orthodontics can, in fact, be downright fun – and that is a sure route to happiness.

Enjoy a Colorful Accessory

If you have metal or clear ceramic braces, then you will also have rubber bands connecting your hardware. Some people like to make the most of this prominent accessory by changing the color of the elastic at every checkup. You can go through the rainbow, mix and match patterns for holidays, support a favorite team’s colors, or opt for clear braces to make your smile all the more cohesive.

Dig Into the Sweet Stuff

Every time you get your braces tightened or slip on a new set of Invisalign aligners, you will experience a little discomfort as your mouth gets used to the new positioning of your teeth. This is a great excuse to dig into cool treats, especially ice cream and pudding, custard and frozen yogurt. They’re all soothing and don’t stick to your braces (but it’s still important to brush afterward).

Make the Most of Social Media

If you are actively building a presence online, or if you just love sharing your life with your closest friends and family, there is nothing like filling peoples’ feeds with your orthodontic journey. Take before-photos, document the different colors of elastics, show how much your teeth have moved, discuss how you’re feeling, and, most of all, post after-photos showing how happy you are with your amazing new smile.

Keep Your Secret to Yourself

If you don’t want anyone to know about your orthodontics, you don’t have to tell them, especially  if you’re wearing Invisalign. These clear aligners are practically secret braces which, for some patients, is half the fun. The trays fit snugly against teeth so that no one can see them unless you point them out. Your teeth just get progressively better-looking as the treatment goes along, and you’re the one who is smiling and happy about your secret.

Watch the Time Fly

Being told at the start of treatment that you’ll be wearing braces for 18 months to two years or Invisalign for a year or more can seem daunting. Believe it or not, that time will rush by. With checkups every six to eight weeks, you’ll move from season to season quickly and your smile will get better with every visit. The time and temporary discomfort that you put in will result in a straight smile that looks amazing and gives you healthier teeth.

Find Your Own Happiness

Every orthodontic patient eventually finds their own path to happiness where their braces are concerned. There are things you will dislike about the process but there are also things you will love. Rest assured, you have time to figure it all out. Learn more about braces and Invisalign and find your happy with help from Lawrenceville Orthodontists.