7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Invisalign

get most out of invisalign lawrenceville orthodontistsJust like any orthodontic treatment, Invisalign comes with rules for the wearer. Most importantly, you want to stick to your Lawrenceville orthodontist’s instructions for you specifically, but here are the general guidelines you will be expected to follow so your treatment is as successful as possible and you get the most out of Invisalign.

1. Wear the aligners 20 to 22 hours a day.

How often you wear your Invisalign trays is a hard and fast rule. You simply must wear them all day, every day, except when you’re having a meal or snack. The more you wear your trays, the more your teeth are being pressed into alignment, and the more effectively and efficiently your treatment will progress.

2. Expect a little discomfort.

Your trays will feel weird at first. They may feel strange every time you switch to a new set of trays. Eventually, you will get used to the sensation of having the aligners on your teeth and what it feels like to have that pressure. Eventually, you get used to the experience – don’t take the trays out to give yourself a break. Wear them through the discomfort – that’s your teeth shifting into proper alignment.

3. Take care of your attachments.

Many Invisalign patients need attachments for their trays to work well. The attachments are small, tooth-colored, composite dots bonded to the teeth so the trays can latch onto them and apply more pressure to move the teeth and bite. It’s important to brush these attachments so they remain as unnoticeable as possible. And, if they annoy you, remember – attachments help the trays worker better and faster.

4. Change your trays on time.

Your Lawrenceville orthodontist creates your entire Invisalign plan at the very start of treatment. Stick to this schedule to keep things moving forward – which usually involves changing trays every two weeks. But leave the current trays in place if that’s what your orthodontist advises you to do. And don’t try to skip to the next sets of trays to expedite treatment – your schedule is what it is for a reason, and some teeth may take longer to move than others.

5. Clean your teeth and trays well.

Your orthodontist will advise you on the best tools and cleaning agents for your trays and teeth when you wear Invisalign. It’s important to do a thorough cleaning at least twice a day but, ideally, you will also do so after every meal and before you snap the trays back snugly together with your teeth to avoid any build-up of bacteria or food particles, and maintain that desirable clear appearance of the trays.

6. Drink plenty of water.

Drinking enough water while wearing Invisalign is important for a few reasons. First, your mouth will sense that something is off in there, and produce more saliva as a result, so you want to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Drinking water also washes in and around the trays to keep them flushed clean – but remember that this effort will never take the place of proper and thorough brushing and flossing.

7. Wear your retainers.

At the end of your Invisalign treatment, you will be given customized retainers to wear or will work with your orthodontist to have permanent retainers applied. Retainers are non-negotiable. To keep your newly shifted teeth in place, you must wear retainers to make all that effort worthwhile and make it last.

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