Kick Off Your Summer with Braces

get braces before summer lawrenceville orthodontistsAnytime of year is a good time of year to start your orthodontic journey, but many teens like to kick off their summer with braces. These easier, lazier months are a good opportunity to get to know a new way of life wearing dental braces. Find out if the timing is just right for your teenager too.

School Is Out

Summertime means no school and more spare time, which makes it simpler to schedule your child’s check-ups with his or her Lawrenceville orthodontist. You don’t have to try to work around class, after-school activities, or other commitments.

Starting the braces journey now also gives your teen healthy pockets of time to really get used to living with braces. They won’t be overwhelmed by this major change in their life while they’re dealing with the day-to-day existence of school and all its obligations. They can take advantage of summertime to become a new version of themselves with braces.

Time to Rest

Getting braces is a big deal, and it is a major lifestyle adjustment. Your teen deserves the opportunity to rest and relax and get physically and mentally accustomed to this new thing in their life. They will be uncomfortable and in pain at the start. Allow them the time to wallow a little, spoil them a little, and help them just get used to this new reality in the comfort of their own home instead of in the fluorescent spotlights of school.

Room for Routine

With fewer obligations, your teen will have time to get in a good oral hygiene routine, whether that’s cleaning meticulously in between brackets and wires or soaking Invisalign aligners. It’s so important to keep teeth and hardware or trays super-clean all the time.

Getting in a groove during the summer will mean by the time fall arrives, the habit will be well-established so they can keep it up once life is busy again and the morning rush is in full swing.

Adjust to Food Changes

Some foods will be off-limits for teens who are wearing conventional brackets and wires. You simply can’t have the hard candies, chewy sweets, or crunchy foods without risking the condition of your braces. Even Invisalign-wearers, though they don’t have any food restrictions, will find themselves wanting softer, colder foods as they adjust to the pressure of wearing trays. Thank goodness for summer goodies like watermelon, ice cream, and custards.

Start Sooner and Finish Sooner

The average treatment time for braces is about 16 months. If your child starts this summer, they could potentially be done with treatment during the first semester of the following school year, perhaps even before school photos are taken and before winter activities begin. Doesn’t hurt to plan ahead, especially for older teens.

Is Your Teen Ready for Braces?

Think your child is ready for braces or interceptive orthodontics? Is your adolescent hoping to get Invisalign Teen instead of regular braces? Get all the answers to your questions and get on the road to an aligned and healthy smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Roberts or Dr. de Marsche at Lawrenceville Orthodontists in NJ.