Why Winter Is a Great Time to Get Braces

get braces in winter lawrenceville orthodonticsThere is no right or wrong time of the year to get dental braces. However, opting to begin orthodontic treatment in the winter often works out happily for patients who choose this season to get started, whether you are wearing discreet Invisalign aligners or more noticeable metal braces.

You Have a Break

If you’re on a break from school or work, the vacation time you get during the winter gives you room to get adjusted to the feeling of wearing braces and the new lifestyle demands this treatment requires. Instead of being forced to learn “on the job,” you can make the most of your downtime at home to adjust to the new cleaning routine, the feeling of wearing braces, how you look with braces, and what you can and cannot eat (note: Invisalign wearers don’t have any food restrictions).

You’re Indoors More Often

Have you wondered how it’s possible to find the time to properly care for your braces? Winter makes it easy to get used to a new routine because you’re definitely homebound more often than not. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing after every meal keeps your teeth and braces clean and working properly, whether you have metal braces or Invisalign. You can get your braces cleaning habits well-established so they’ll be like second nature when you do have places to go and people to see.

It’s Easier to Honor Appointments

Wintertime obligations are often at a minimum. We’re all staying home more and have fewer outdoor activities to keep us occupied. Making and keeping orthodontic appointments is easier. No matter when you get braces, it’s so important to see your orthodontist as recommended, whether you’re picking up new Invisalign aligners and having your progress checked or getting your rubber bands changed. Your orthodontist will not see you more than is needed, but honoring your appointments and adhering to treatment rules will ensure that your teeth straighten properly and all goes according to plan.

You’re Wearing a Mask Anyway

We are all coping with the restrictions caused by COVID-19. Mask-wearing, however, can be your best friend when you’re a new orthodontic patient. If you’re embarrassed about your brackets and wires or aligners, being able to hide behind a mask makes your adjustment time that much easier. Wearing a mask is bound to be a norm for some time to come – imagine how amazing you will look when you make that big “reveal” and show your brand new, straight smile.

Your Smile Will Be Sweet by Summer

Once the warmer months roll around, your orthodontic treatment will be well underway. That means you’ll be used to how braces feel, your teeth will already be noticeably straighter, and you’ll be ready to have fun in the sun, smiling and enjoying life. It will also be far easier to live with any food restrictions after several months of braces, and fitting proper and frequent cleanings into your schedule will simply be the norm.

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