Invisalign: It’s a Numbers Game

Invisalign numbers game Lawrenceville OrthodonticsEvery Invisalign treatment is customized to the patient. Your teeth, your alignment, your unique sets of aligners. There are, however, plenty of Invisalign rules that every wearer must follow, no matter why you’re getting your teeth straightened, and most of the details come down to a numbers game.

12 Months (or So)

Most courses of Invisalign treatment take about a year to complete. Some patients need less time, others require more time. It depends on where your teeth are now, where they need to move to, and your adherence to the rules. Bottom line: Invisalign requires a commitment, so be prepared to put in the time to come away with a great, straight smile.

20 to 22 Hours

Invisalign must be worn for 20 to 22 hours a day, the longer the better, and should only be removed for meals, snacks, and brushing and flossing. Though living 90 percent of every day with Invisalign in place may sound daunting, the conveniences far outweigh any inconveniences – most notably, you can still eat whatever you want whenever you want with no restrictions, as long as you aren’t wearing Invisalign at the time.

Think about it: Conventional metal braces are in place for however many months or years the wearer undergoes treatment. With Invisalign, you’re on the honor system – wear your aligners and your teeth will slowly but surely come together. Slack off, and you won’t see any forward progress.

For Invisalign Teen patients – and the parents who worry about their level of responsibility – aligners come with blue wear indicators. Your Lawrenceville Invisalign provider can tell immediately if the aligners have been worn as often as required or not.

18 to 30 Aligners

Invisalign patients will wear anywhere between 18 and 30 sets of aligners throughout their entire Invisalign treatment. Each pair of aligners is designed strategically to move certain teeth at certain times until your entire smile is in alignment. Your Lawrenceville orthodontist will determine the number of aligners at the start of your treatment and proceed from there, making adjustments as needed.

2 Weeks

Throughout treatment, you will change the aligners every two weeks or so. This number will be determined by your dentist when your treatment is mapped out. Some teeth may take a little more time to shift or rotate, so those aligners may need to stay in place longer. The Invisalign process is designed to gently but consistently nudge teeth into their proper positions, and that takes time.

6 Weeks

Every six weeks or so, you will visit your Lawrenceville Invisalign provider for a check-up and to pick up your next several sets of aligners. These visits are brief but important as your dentist will evaluate the progression of your orthodontic treatment. In the grand scheme of things, your check-ups will end up being far fewer visits than wearers of conventional braces have. And no need for visits in-between check-ups to correct broken brackets or poking wires.

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