5 Reasons Invisalign-Wearers Love Halloween

lawrenceville invisalign provider halloweenBraces and Halloween do not always go together nicely, but Invisalign and Halloween certainly do! When you have clear aligners, they won’t get in the way of how you look or what you eat – and, as everyone knows, these are the most important aspects of October 31.

1. You can eat whatever you want.

Chocolate? Gummy bears? Taffy? Popcorn? Candy apples? Whatever super-sweet treat you love the most on Halloween, simply remove your Invisalign aligners to dig in and indulge. The only rule to remember is brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly before popping your aligners back in place. You don’t want sugar getting caught between the aligner and your tooth enamel – getting a cavity would definitely not be a treat.

2. Your costume won’t be affected.

Braces don’t always go with Halloween costumes, but Invisalign goes with everything! Even if you’re thinking about taking out the aligners for trick or treating or other holiday events, don’t do it – Invisalign still needs to be worn 20 to 22 hours a day to keep your orthodontics on track.

The clear aligners are hardly noticeable, so you can proceed with your makeup or attire, whether you’re spooky or sweet. If you have your heart set on being a vampire, though, you may need to rethink the costume. Invisalign aligners don’t come with fangs.

3. You won’t overdo it.

Even though you can buy peanut butter cups and chocolate bars any time of year, there is something about October candy with their festive wrappers that makes it irresistible. Invisalign will do your waistline a favor. Because you can’t eat while your aligners are in place, and because you may not care to deal with taking your aligners out and putting them back in for one measly square of candy, you’ll be more likely to pass.

If you are tempted, however, don’t attempt to eat a quick treat with Invisalign in place. The rationale of “something so little can’t hurt” does not apply. You can break an aligner or stain it when you eat with Invisalign in place.

4. You’ll love your photos.

What fun is Halloween if you don’t have selfies and photos with friends and family to remember it by? Your costume won’t be interrupted by braces, and you can mug all you want for the camera without anyone being the wiser about you wearing Invisalign. The only thing you will look back and see on those pictures is a gorgeous smile that’s getting straighter by the day.

5. It’s easy to clean up.

If you wear Invisalign, you already know that you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to braces. Invisalign is easier, less noticeable, and just as effective as conventional metal braces. And cleaning them is easier too. You brush and floss your teeth as usual, instead of having to work around brackets and wires using special cleaning tools. And you clean your aligners separately as instructed by your Lawrenceville Invisalign provider. Even on Halloween, it’s easy to fit in your usual oral health care routine.

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