5 Reasons Adults Fall in Love with Invisalign

5 Reasons Adults Fall in Love with Invisalign - Why Adults Love Invisalign

Invisalign has been around for a while. Chances are, you know at least a few adults who have decided to get this orthodontic treatment. You have probably realized too that everyone’s experience is very different. It all depends on the person, their level of commitment, and the speed with which their teeth respond to the customized trays on their teeth. One thing that’s certain, somewhere along the way for nearly every patient, there’s a little love to be had for their Invisalign.

Here are just some of the reasons adults fall in love with Invisalign.

1. They’re invisible.

This, of course, is the top reason patients pursue Invisalign – it’s discreet. No adult wants to be a metal mouth or feel like they’re reverting back to adolescence (though Invisalign Teen is an option now too for the younger set). Invisalign clicks into place and does it work under the radar while you go about your adult responsibilities, take photos, post selfies, date, smile, and live your life.

2. No interruption of work or social life.

When you first start to wear your trays, there will be an adjustment period. However, this will quickly pass and you’ll get used to have the aligners on your teeth for most of the day. They won’t interfere with the work you’re doing, draw attention to themselves, or prevent you from enjoying time with your friends, family, or coworkers because they’re removable.

3. Eat whatever you want.

What adult wants to be told what they can and cannot eat? Invisalign certainly doesn’t have any food restrictions. In fact, the only rule where food is concerned is that you can’t eat or drink anything while your trays are in place. Otherwise, go hog wild on your favorite goodies. As long as your teeth aren’t feeling super-sensitive from being shifted, they can bite into everything you love. Nothing is off-limits.

4. Bypass the discomfort.

When you have metal braces and get them adjusted at your Lawrenceville orthodontist, you have to live with the increased pressure for a day or two and it won’t always feel great. When it’s time to change Invisalign trays though, you can do it at night, just as you’re going to sleep so you can rest away the most acute discomfort and wake up with new trays doing new work to move more teeth.

5. Speedy treatment.

Conventional dental braces take about two years to move both teeth and roots for a fully aligned smile. Invisalign does the same hard work in half the time. Some patients can even wear the aligners for just several months to get their minor gaps or a few crooked teeth moved into order. Nearly invisible braces that aren’t around for very long – what’s not to love?

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