5 Myths About Braces and Invisalign

You may think you know the most important details when it comes to orthodontics, whether you’re interested in getting braces or Invisalign. However, you may also believe some common myths about braces and Invisalign that have stood the test of time for no good reason. It’s time to straighten things up so you feel good about your decision to transform your teeth and smile.

Myth: Braces hurt all the time.
Reality: Braces hurt sometimes, but only temporarily.

Today’s braces and Invisalign were designed with comfort in mind. Of course, every patient must adjust to the feeling of wearing wires and brackets or trays on their teeth, but this initial discomfort will wear off quickly. After that, there will only be some soreness after each adjustment appointment every six to eight weeks and that feeling will fade fast.

Myth: Metal mouth is your destiny.
Reality: You might qualify for Invisalign.

Sure, many people who wear braces have conventional metal braces, but they are smaller and far more fun (read: colorful elastics) than in the past. Plus, there is far less name-calling today thanks to the many discreet orthodontic options available. Some patients qualify for tooth-colored or clear braces, or they are a great candidate for the ultimate invisible treatment – Invisalign or Invisalign Teen.

Myth: Braces take years to complete.
Reality: Treatment time is shorter than ever.

Sure, some patients have extremely complex misalignment cases and need phase one orthodontics and several years of braces to complete their smile alignment, but there is a generous gap of time in between the two phases. Most people average about a year or 18 months of braces wear, while others with minor misalignment need the likes of Invisalign for only six months or so.

Myth: Straight teeth are overrated.
Reality: Teeth always matter – and not just in appearance.

Your orthodontist wants you to have straight teeth, not just because they will make your smile look amazing, but because straight teeth improve oral health. When teeth are in alignment they are easier to clean, which means they’re less likely to develop cavities and other uncomfortable and costly oral health problems are minimized, such as teeth grinding, enamel erosion, gum disease, and gum recession.

Myth: Braces are really expensive.
Reality: Orthodontics are more affordable than ever.

You are definitely investing in an advanced dental treatment when you get orthodontics for yourself or your child, but your Lawrenceville orthodontist does everything possible to make your chosen treatment affordable. Payment plans, financing, and different types of treatment plans give patients options so, combined with dental insurance and savings of any kind, you can achieve the financial flexibility you need to say yes to braces.

Clear up all the questions you have, discover what’s myth and what’s fact about orthodontics, and find out what’s right for you or your teeth. Schedule a consultation with Lawrenceville Orthodontists.