Decide Between Traditional Braces and Invisalign for Your Teen

braces and Invisalign Teen for teenagers Lawrenceville Orthodontics

There are many orthodontic patients who are given the option to choose between braces and Invisalign to straighten their smile. When it comes to teens, however, this decision can be difficult to make. For children who are at an age where they’re learning serious responsibility and figuring out who they are, they might feel like braces can complicate everything – but braces also deliver a seriously stunning smile, no matter what method is used to achieve it.

The Right Look

Many teens have concerns about how they’ll look when they’re wearing braces. While some adolescents adjust to their hardware quickly and love their appearance with a “metal mouth” – and their quickly shifting teeth – others cannot acclimate easily and struggle with the journey. To avoid negative experiences, it’s so important to make the right choice between braces and Invisalign.

You know your child’s personality best. Your Lawrenceville orthodontist knows their teeth and what will work best. It’s crucial to have an honest conversation with your doctor about how you think one type of orthodontics will work over another – and ask your teen to be up-front about their feelings too. Take your orthodontist’s recommendations seriously and remind your teen that, no matter how awkward they might feel for a little while, the results will be amazing and lifelong no matter what method they undergo.

Figure Out the Logistics

Invisalign teen braces are nearly invisible and that’s appealing to most people who need braces. They love the idea of being able to remove the trays when they want and fly under the radar when smiling, posing for photos, or having a video call. Invisalign Teen comes with daily responsibilities – making sure the trays are in for 20 to 22 hours, removing the aligners for meals, cleaning teeth and trays meticulously, and keeping the trays safe when they’re not in the mouth. Some teens who qualify for this treatment don’t want all these jobs.

Then there are conventional braces. They don’t only come in shining metal that is noticeable and semi-permanently attached to the teeth. Clear, ceramic brackets are available and tooth-colored rubber bands can go along with them so they’re far more discreet than traditional orthodontics. Old-school braces have come a long way – they’re much smaller, more comfortable, and work faster than ever. Sometimes, they are the ideal choice for teens.

Mix and Match

Some patients want the best of all worlds and want to know if it’s possible to get a combo of both braces and Invisalign. They may ask for Invisalign on their top teeth and conventional braces on their bottom teeth. It’s unlikely that any orthodontist would honor this type of request, but there are cases when patients become frustrated with the responsibility of clear aligners and would like to switch to brackets and wires. And there are circumstances where a patient might benefit from a course of Invisalign to correct certain misalignments and then wear braces to correct other problems.

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