Comparing Invisalign and Porcelain Veneers

Comparing Invisalign and Porcelain Veneers - Which is Better For You

You want straight teeth, and you want to take the best route to make it happen. What type of dental treatment will fulfill your smile goals? Invisalign and porcelain veneers are often at the top of everyone’s list when they are seeking a straight smile. Here are some facts to know about both treatments so you can get clarity on what might be right for you.

What Kind of Smile Makeover Do You Want?

Every cosmetic dentistry solution is not right for every patient. Depending on what you dislike about your smile, there may be some treatments that are better suited for you. When it comes to fixing your smile, the big question is: What do you want to address the most?

If a straight smile is what you want, Invisalign gets the job done discreetly and efficiently, straightening all your teeth and your bite for a healthy, strong smile. If you want a straight smile but are also interested in correcting stains or other unsightly characteristics, porcelain veneers can disguise it all while also straightening the top teeth of your smile.

The Time Commitment

For adults, the time you need to devote to the smile upgrade you’re investing in is relevant. Porcelain veneers usually take two visits to your cosmetic dentist to complete. Prep and design will happen during the first visit and, several weeks later when the veneers have been sent by the dental lab, the porcelain shields will be permanently bonded to the teeth.

Invisalign is a major time commitment, but those clear trays do hard work all day every day for about a year to create a strong, gorgeous smile. Less complex cases sometimes take less than a year, which means your smile could be ready far sooner than you anticipated. The confidence boost new patients will enjoy from watching your teeth improve along the way is incredible.

The Budget

Invisalign and porcelain veneers are both a major investment in your smile. Invisalign costs an average of $6,000 – 7,000, but this number can vary depending on your smile needs, dentist’s experience, and location. Don’t let that number scare you though – porcelain veneers can cost twice as much, and usually more.

Do you get what you pay for, at least when it comes to longevity? Yes. Veneers can last for decades with proper care – daily brushing and flossing and seeing your dentist regularly. Invisalign results can last for a lifetime if you follow your orthodontist’s instructions and wear your retainers after treatment. You can even boost your smile power by asking about professional teeth whitening afterward.

The Results

Invisalign and porcelain veneers both create straight teeth, but if you’re looking for corrections to your oral health, bite, TMJ problems, oral health complications, and more, a truly straight smile created by Invisalign can get the job done.

If you want a straight, healthy smile, take the time to schedule a consultation with an orthodontist at Lawrenceville Orthodontics. Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign. Contact Drs. Roberts & de Marsche in Lawrenceville, NJ.