How to Keep Braces from Interrupting Halloween

Every October, many orthodontic patients lament their braces and how they’re going to get in the way of having a good time on Halloween. Though there are rules that must be followed the whole time you wear braces, even on Halloween, there are still ways to enjoy the celebration.

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Does Your Child Need Phase 1 Orthodontics?

It is truly amazing what a course of Phase 1 orthodontics can do for a smile. Teeth that have erupted in truly unusual places in the mouth, in spots completely out of sync with the rest of the teeth, can be fitted with brackets and wires and shifted slowly but surely into a straight smile. However, there are some circumstances where early dentition problems need more treatment than braces alone – and in cases like this, Phase 1 orthodontics are the best solution.

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What Type of Invisalign Is Right for You?

types of invisalign lawrenceville orthodontics

There is only one type of Invisalign clear braces, but there are multiple variations of the treatment under the main umbrella that make it such a great option for so many people. The nature of each person’s misalignment will impact what your Lawrenceville orthodontist recommends for the most effective orthodontic care, so your teeth are straightened as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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5 Reasons Every Child Needs an Orthodontic Consultation

orthodontic consultation lawrenceville orthodontists nj

Your 7- or 8-year-old may have only lost a handful of baby teeth. They may have just begun to brush their teeth independently or without constant supervision. Their teeth might look perfectly straight with plenty of room to grow. So, when their dentist recommends an orthodontic consultation, you may think, “Huh?” Believe it or not, that first visit with the orthodontist sets your child up for a healthy mouth, strong teeth, and a beautiful smile.

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Best Practices for Keeping Dental Braces Clean

keep dental braces clean lawrenceville orthodontics

One of the biggest challenges for people who wear dental braces is keeping them clean. Even when you brush your teeth carefully morning and night, the nooks and crannies of the brackets and wires are difficult to navigate. With the right tools and practices, though, the job can be made easy from the beginning to the end of your Lawrenceville orthodontic treatment.

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Life with Your Retainer

retainer braces lawrenceville orthodontists

There is no way around it – when you wear braces, afterward you must wear a retainer. It’s the only way to keep your newly shifted teeth in place and maintain their alignment. The effort isn’t as huge as many people make it out to be. In fact, your orthodontist does everything possible to simplify retainer wear so patients will comply with what they need to do for their oral health.

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4 Reasons to Say “Yes” to Teen Braces in Summer

teen braces lawrenceville orthodontists summer

It’s always a good time of year to get braces, but summer is an especially ideal time for teens to begin this life-changing treatment. Tweens and teenagers are in that great place between childhood and adulthood, when there is room to make major transitions both physically and mentally without much interruption to the rest of their lives. Starting teen braces in summer makes the entire process easier to accept and manage.

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Invisalign Is Designed for Adults

invisalign for adults lawrenceville orthodontics

Feel like conventional metal brackets and wires are the domain of teenagers? Then turn your attention to the “grown-up” version of braces – Invisalign. This treatment was designed specifically for busy adults who don’t want anything drawing attention away from what they’re saying or doing. Invisalign is the discreet way to straighten smiles, and it’s perfect for patients who want an aligned smile without any of the obvious orthodontics.

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5 Must-Have Tools for Braces Wearers

tools for braces lawrenceville orthodontics nj

Braces require daily TLC. That means plenty of important tools that simplify and streamline cleaning and maintenance efforts, so the hardware remains in good shape and your tooth enamel does too. If you’re new to braces, your orthodontist will recommend many products that can help you brush and floss multiple times a day. Here are just some of the must-haves.

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