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December 10th 2019

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry with Invisalign

invisalign lawrenceville orthodontics eat drink be merryDid you remember to include yourself on your gift list this holiday season? Self-care is incredibly important, and if you’re dealing with oral health issues that are getting in the way of feeling good and being happy, it’s time to consider how you can stuff your own stocking full of joy. Your Lawrenceville Orthodontists recommend Invisalign for some seriously good holiday cheer.

Eat and Drink with Abandon

Wearers of traditional dental braces feel a little bummed out at Christmastime. They simply can’t enjoy all the same foodstuffs that everyone else does because they are limited in the crunchy and chewy and sticky realms. Any wrong bites and a bracket or wire could easily be broken or damaged, and no one wants to go for an emergency braces repair at this time of year.

Invisalign-wearers, however, can eat whatever they want whenever they want. All you do is remove the aligners before every meal or snack or spirit so they don’t become stained or damaged. (Seriously, you must remove the aligners to protect them.) Remember to clean your teeth and aligners as best you can given whatever circumstances you’re in at the time so you’re not trapping food or bacteria between the snug-fitting aligners and tooth enamel for any length.

Smile Merrily

You’ll be taking pictures galore all December long and into the new year. You shouldn’t feel self-conscious about your smile just because you’re wearing braces. Invisalign to the rescue!

These clear aligners are nearly invisible – truly, no one will notice that you’re wearing them unless you point them out. That means you can smile, laugh, pose for photos, or do some Christmas karaoke without worrying about braces getting in the way.

Plus, the aligners are changed out every two weeks, which means new teeth are being moved into position every few weeks. That’s how Invisalign works – shifting several teeth at a time until they are all in perfect alignment. You’ll start to notice a change in the appearance of your smile right around your second or third sets of aligners – it’s exciting to watch your teeth shift so readily!

Remember, Santa Is Watching

Of course, if you are an Invisalign patient or are thinking about becoming one, the biggest gift you can give yourself is the gift of following directions. Your Lawrenceville Invisalign provider develops your customized Invisalign treatment plan at the very start, carefully identifying how many aligners you will need and when you will wear them and change them. Adhere to the instructions you’re given, and your treatment will go that much more smoothly and give you a gorgeous smile that much faster.

If your thinking about Invisalign Teen for the adolescent in your life, remember that their aligners come with a unique feature – wear indicators. These small blue dots are present on every new set of clear aligners and wear off over the two weeks that they’re in place, showing your orthodontist that they’re being worn the appropriate amount of time.

Find out if you are a good candidate for Invisalign. Contact Dr. Roberts and de Marsche, Lawrenceville Invisalign providers, in Lawrenceville, NJ, to schedule your appointment.

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